PUBG Mobile LvL 62

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- 3 Mythic items
- 13 Legendary items
- 67 Epic items
- 5 Backpack Skins
- 4 Helmet Skins

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PUBG Mobile Account LVL 62

- 3 Mythic items
Assault Squad Set & Dragon Hunter Set, Brilliant Anniversary Headgear, Cloth Bandana (Leopard)

- 13 Legendary items
Adventurer Set, Retro Anniversary Set, Lucky Rabbit Set, Tycoon Set, Elite Soldier Set, Blue Phantom Set, Tangerine Dream Set, Enchanter's Hat, Adventurer Hat, Trench Coat (Camel), Trench Coat (Purple), Camo Hotpants, Hotpants (Blue)

- 67 Epic items
Neon Punk Set (Blue), Bloody Fangs Suit, Wolves Uniform, Desert Ranger Set, Ski Patrol Set, Stealth Set, Desert Survival Set, Sky Ranger Set, Queen of Hearts Set, Deadly Agent, Goth Punk Set, Trooper Set, Season 8 gold tier outfit), Bomber Hat, Fisherman's Hat, Pirate Bandana (Checkered), Season 4 Combat Cap, Sea Spirit Cap, Hamburger Cover, Wolves Cap, Desert Ranger Cap, Tomato Cap, Ski Patrol Beanie, Hunk's Helmet, Trooper Helmet, Elite Soldier Hat), Tracksuit Top (Yellow), School shirt (Open), School Jacket, Sl Combat Jacket, Fancy Shirt (Black), Mechanic Shirt, Uniform Top (Orange & Black), Uniform Top (Blue & White), Season 4 Combat Jacket, Waterproof Jacket (White), Season 2 Combat Jacket, Deer Hunter Top, Summertime Hawaiian Shirt (Purple), Summertime Crop Top (Burgundy), Insignia: Heavy Punch), Season 3 Combat Jacket, Sports Top (Purple), Season 5 Combat Top, Season 6 Combat Jacket, Season 7 Top, Pleated Mini-Skirt (Black), Ranger Pants (Brown), Police Pants, Brawler's Pants (Yellow), Uniform Pants (Orange & Black), Uniform Pants (Blue & White), Season 4 Combat Pants, Summertime Shorts (Purple), Summertime Hot Pants (Burgundy), Season 3 Combat Pants, Season 5 Combat Bottom, Season 6 Combat Bottom, Season 7 Bottom), Retro Boots, Season 2 Combat Shoes, Uniform Shies (Orange & Black), Season 4 Combat Boots, Season 3 Combat Boots, Season 5 Combat Boots, Season 6 Combat Boots, Season 7 Shoes

- 5 Backpack Skins (Sanguine Backback, Red & Black Backpack, The Skulls Backpack, Urban Scavenger Backpack, Brilliant Anniversary Backpack)
- 4 Helmet Skins (Mechanized Helmet, Soaring Eagle Helmet, White Rabbit Helmet, Sanguine Helmet)

Weapons Skins:
- 1 AKM Skin (Ahes)
- 2 SCAR-L Skins (Rugged (Orange), White & purple)
- 2 M416 Skins (Skeleton Hand, Desert Camo)
- 1 GROZA skin (The Skulls)
- 1 AUG Skin (Blood Oath)
- 1 QBZ Skin (Warning Sign)
- 1 M762 Skin (L&Q Chicken)
- 1 Kar98K Skin (Desert Camo)
- 2 AWM Skins (Neon, Desert Camo)
- 1 Win94 Skin (Silver Plate)
- 2 Mini14 Skins (Silver Plate, Street Art)
- 1 SLR Skin (Dragon Hunter)
- 1 UZI Skin (Desert Camo)
- 1 UMP9 Skin (Street Art)
- 1 Thompson Skin (Blue Tint)
- 1 DP-28 Skin (Silver Plate)
- 1 P-92 Skin (Desert Camo)
- 2 Pan Skins (Lightspeed Chicken, Soaring Eagle)

Parachute Skins
- 7 Parachute Skins (Skeleton Hand Parachute, Commander Parachute, Tri-color Parachute, Winning Chicken Parachute, Soaring Eagle Parachute, Two-Tone Parachute, Red Lightning Parachute)

Vehicle Finishes
- 4 Airplane Finishes (Seagull Finish, Crismon Wings Finish, Crystal Clear Finish, Geometric Finish (Black))
- 1 Motorcycle Finish (Lime Green)
- 1 Dacia 1300 Finish (Soaring Eagle)
- 1 Buggy Finish (Street Art)
- 1 UAZ Finish (Camo)

Other info:
- 36 Parachute Trail (Green, Yellow, Pink)
- Royale Pass lvl. 17
- Evo Level 23
- 1 Rename Card
- 25 Paint
- 4 Legendary Emotes
- 3 Epic Emotes
- All Soldier Crates items are unlocked
- 2.325 Achievement points
- Weapon Master Badge Unlocked
- 8 UC
- 41.311 BP

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PUBG Mobile LvL 62

PUBG Mobile LvL 62

- 3 Mythic items
- 13 Legendary items
- 67 Epic items
- 5 Backpack Skins
- 4 Helmet Skins