Bleach Online

Bleach is an anime MMORPG for playing in a browser, the plot of which was described in the Taiga Kubo manga called Bleach. The project is mainly focused on manga fans and those who were able to master all the seasons of anime, consisting of 360 episodes, and now I would like to take part independently in the conflict between soul guides, empty arrancars, quincy and other representatives of the anime universe.


As in almost any Japanese manga, the main character is an ordinary schoolboy with abnormal abilities, who have to pull all the superhero business. As far as manga is concerned, in the game itself we are offered to visit the skin of a full-fledged shinigami who has risen from the dead in order to then assemble a small company of allies and take up the salvation of the capital of soul guides, Sayrtey.

After the start, not a few minutes pass, as the player can destroy all enemies with his zapakto on molecules, leaving behind them silver and objects to move further along the plot. As you progress through the game, the game will throw up assistants with their unique abilities. The battles in Bleach Online are automated, and the player is only allowed to choose the position of the hero in the squad before the battle. But the whole action looks bright and rich, just like in the series.

In general, from the side of Bleach Online can be described as a game based entirely on manga and anime, but with the added ability to influence certain events, such as developing a hero in a different direction, dressing in other costumes or creating your own individual squad. Of course, in the game, like any other MMO, PvP is available, but it’s much more interesting to watch an interactive cartoon and just enjoy your favorite universe.

You do not need to take direct participation in the battle, you have to contemplate it from the side. However, before the battle, you can arrange your squad in the desired order of battle, strengthen it with magic for the duration of the battle and select the necessary skills.

Mercenaries - one of the key points of the game, they can be developed in parallel with your character. Improve their equipment, pump skills and develop talents. Only by assembling a team will it be possible to count on passing the most interesting tasks and receiving the most valuable awards.

The fans will undoubtedly be pleased that the main characters of the anime series are here as the NPC. The developers did not follow the path of other online games in the famous universes, where the action takes place either a thousand years before the events of the original, or as much later. Events Bleach Online occur simultaneously with the events of the series, and sometimes continue the stories that began in the series themselves.

So, is it really that good? Not really. Without drawbacks, of course not done. The main complaint - too much the game is overloaded, as for the browser. And I'm not talking about beautiful special effects in battle or dialogue in the best traditions of jRPG. This good does not happen much. But the interface, dazzling with all the colors of the rainbow and blazing like a Christmas tree, can even overload top computers.