Rail Nation

Rail Nation is an economic browser-based strategy from Travian Games, providing each player with the chance to create their own railway empire and build a business, earning money and prestige. You control everything, but you need to start small ... the railway company was not immediately built! You will have to buy and improve both locomotives and wagons. In addition, you will build a new railway to expand the zone of influence, improve technology and develop the infrastructure of the central station.

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is divided into historical epochs with characteristic trains and infrastructure for its time, and this makes the game even more interesting. Rail Nation is a game that only requires time from the user, but we are not talking about money. Unlike many other strategies, the progress in this game depends on the time you spend with it. In general, you will need a strategy and in-depth analysis to achieve the desired results.

Games, where you need to manage resources, have significantly succeeded among browser games due to the relative simplicity that fits perfectly into the browser format. Some studied (and even overdid it) medieval themes, while others devoted games to football or farms. Rail Nation, where players need to build and manage a complex railway empire, falls into the third category of games. There is no war in them, but fierce competition between players is still present.

rail nation
Rail Nation, like any other browser game, begins by choosing an avatar. After that you start a tutorial that is quite long, but easy to go through. Even here in Rail Nation you can see a sophisticated approach to solving complex problems. Although the game is simple, it is different from other MMOs, where a lot of levelers are dumped on you to create a false sense of accomplishment and motivate you to play more.

Needless to say, the central element in the game is locomotives and wagons. Locomotive - the driving force of the entire composition. It has certain features and improvements that give the train an advantage. Locomotives can be further improved by studying appropriate technology. In the wagons stored goods, which allows players to earn money. After you have set up the trains, you need to choose a route that will allow your young empire to get the maximum profit. Which industries are most profitable? Which cities will be the most profitable? At first, it is quite difficult to make effective routes and train schedules, but you will receive hints indicating rewards for each trip until you are comfortable with it.

You also have your own station, which you enter from the main screen. Here you make the most important decisions and manage the buildings that somehow affect the achievement of your goals in the game. In addition to buildings that directly affect the speed and quality of your railway tracks and trains (for example, Depot and Rail Plant), there are secondary buildings, such as the Restaurant and Hotel, which allow you to earn additional rewards periodically. Naturally, all buildings can be upgraded to increase their bonus.

rail nation

Rail Nation Strategy

The company Travian Games has developed a truly huge world, which at first may seem too big. Cities and production facilities are scattered around the map, so building the most efficient route is not as easy as it sounds. For example, in some sections, railway maintenance is carried out longer, which slows down the movement of trains. The shortest routes are not always the best option either, since they can be far from gas stations or delivery points. This is where a strategy is required, and although it will take some time to create the right route, you will receive a reward if you make the right choice.


Visually, Rail Nation is not inferior to other browser games: the graphics are decent, though not impressive. Static images are replaced by a small animation, which somewhat enlivens the environment and is an important element for a 2D game, where everything is flat. Menus look complete and not overloaded.

rail nation


Rail Nation is an economic simulator with a decent variety of game elements and space for strategy. Contrary to the name, trains are not your only concern when it comes to managing your own railway empire. Often, strategy plays a more important role than available resources. In conclusion, I note that the game is perfect for both train lovers and those who just love the games in which you need to think.