Point Blank

Point Blank - massive multiplayer first-person shooter, released in 2009. The game is very similar to Counter-Strike, but its capabilities are much wider. At the moment, it offers gamers 13 types of characters, 7 professions, 8 game modes, 3 types of matches, more than 30 cards and about 140 types of weapons.

Point Blank

If you are a happy owner of a lightning reaction and easily catch a cup falling from the table, then you should definitely try yourself in this online shooter. The game looks a lot like Counter-Strike, but there are some tangible differences. 

At the beginning of the game you see a window with a large list of available rooms. Each room has a battle mode, the name of the card and the name of the room itself, which the player who opened it gave to it. You can also choose the type of combat, such as a shotgun, sniper battle, or even fists. There are also many exotic types of battles. For example, fighting dinosaurs, in which you play for 5 minutes for dinosaurs, and then for 5 minutes, play for people. The maximum in each team can be 8 people. The game is not demanding of computer resources, so that at any time there is a good ping, even on a regular notebook.

Character Creation

I was a bit surprised by the character selection menu, since only two additional male and two female skins are available. But we didn’t come to play Barbie dolls, we could close our eyes to such a trifle. The game provides the possibility of character development, for the performance of the tasks proposed at the beginning of the match, you will receive rewards that will lead to a new title.

Point Blank

Class selection

When the steps of the base ranks are left behind, you will be given three paths: the path of the attack aircraft, the soldier-engineer and the experienced one. Selecting the first path, you will open access to serious assault rifles. The second path will strengthen rifles, shotguns and use improved grenades. The third one will give the right to use various sniper rifles.

Of course you can pump your fighter. The game features a lot of skills: agility, vitality and so on. Each of them you will improve during the game.

During the game you will accumulate all the large arsenals of weapons that will be stored in your inventory. These are knives, grenades, smoke bombs, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, and so on. Also here there is a huge selection of ammunition: helmets, helmets, masks, etc. You can earn a lot of this in the game or buy it in the store. In addition to weapons and equipment, you can purchase coupons that accelerate reloading and provide many other advantages that speed up pumping.

Point Blank


In total, the game features more than 140 types of weapons, and in order to use all this abundance, you must receive the corresponding ranks. If the desire to acquire a powerful sniper rifle is irresistible, and there is no opportunity to get the title, then you can use a roundabout way - to acquire the desired weapon for real money.

Game Modes

A few words about the game modes. A team match is the same “war game” in which in the allotted time you must lay down the greatest number of opponents. For these purposes, eight cards have been proposed, and each is quite spacious and replete with various buildings, shelters, etc. Destruction - each team must protect its object and at the same time destroy the enemy's object. Escape - in the form of a fossil dinosaur or a mere mortal, you must get to the control point. Survival - a simple extermination of members of the enemy team, which takes place on one of 8 cards.

Point Blank
In the game Point Blank, you can hang for a long time alone or with friends. This is a rather interesting game in which you can break away to the full, forgetting the boredom and deeds. So if you are looking for a good classic type of shooter for the most pleasant killing of free time, then Point Blank is the best choice. Of course, there are not such colorful cards as in Black Fire, but the game takes on its unpretentiousness, low system requirements, ideally verified gameplay and dynamics that do not allow a second to be bored.