Blade and Soul

You will find an open fantasy world inhabited by all sorts of creatures of Eastern culture. Graphics though 2012, but still playing Blade and Soul is nice. The fights look very dynamic, and the plot is very simple, but interesting. You have to solve your family problems and learn the great oriental skills, simultaneously saving the world.


At the very beginning you will need to choose a race: Vans, Shaney, Fans, Lina. Then choose from ten classes: Master of the Shadow, Master of the Blade, Master of the Summoning, Master of the Blade of the Lines, Master of Kung Fu, Master of the Elements, Master of the Spirits, Master of Chi, Master of the Ax, Shooting Master. The combat system is made in non-target mode with the possibility of combo receptions.

Feature of the game in quests that are really interesting to pass. From the PvE-content also stand out: world bosses, roulette, command instances, auction. PvP lovers will need to choose one of two factions and become its guardian in arenas, locations, global battles and guild wars. Also, the Russian publisher several times a year holds world Blade and Soul tournaments, thus the project is increasingly targeting eSports.

Blade and Soul
In the standing position, we have eight combat skills. And then this standard set changes during the battle, depending on what happens during the battle. Knocked down the enemy with his feet - there are possible actions in the style to break a hand or wipe the face. They threw in the air, again part of the skill changes, allowing, say, to thrust the enemy into the ground. And so with any state of affairs during a fight, including those cases when you are knocked down with your feet, when you block or parry a blow. In general, there are a lot of skills in the game.

Timeliness is very important in the use of skills. Some of them are attacking the enemy, others parry and allow you to launch a counterattack, others hoard a debuff on the enemy, and you, without slowing down the pace, must conduct a hell of a combo strike.

A very significant feature of the game is the Quick Go mode, which allows, like in the Chinese kung-fu movie, to run along the walls, soar upwards and literally run through the air. It is activated by two presses of the W button. And this thing works everywhere - on earth and on water in Jesus mode. Plus there are skills that can be activated in this mode. Imagine - you jump on the wall, and therefore like a hawk, fall on the enemy. In addition, this feature allows you to move through locations at a breakneck speed.

Blade and Soul
Another trick is the "dragon pillars", thanks to which the player can quickly and extremely effectively move through impassable in the normal mode of walking and running obstacles.

In the game there is no standard confrontation between good and evil evil. The game is built eastern form of intolerance - the confrontation of martial arts schools and different clans. While there are two dabokas available in the game, when you dress them you are on one of the sides of the conflict. And as soon as you put it on, you should immediately look around carefully - enemies can already be there regardless of whether you are in the fields surrounded by mobs or in a cozy shop.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that it is not necessary to wear sneakers, and you can desert at any time by throwing off your slippers and go watering your fellow tribesmen. Starting from the 45th level, interclan confrontations are tightly embedded in the players' lives, and they begin to fiercely fight not only for fame, but also warriors of the guild and coins, for which you can buy special weapons or bijouterie.

Due to the special system of death, after death, the player does not need to run into battle again, the devil knows where. The point is that after the first death you can recover. When the end overtakes you after your first fight with the mobs, they stop paying attention to you. You crawl away for 40 seconds, and back into battle. Thanks to this system, danji do not have to pereprohodit several times.

Blade and Soul
Dungeons, by the way, inspire not really. Too similar to each other. Diversity is made only by bosses living in the end. They are different - from the usual, similar to the players of the fighters and ending with the giant creatures. Although it happens all at once. The goal of the mission remains standard - to snatch valuable loot. In addition to the fact that you can pick something sensible from the boss and the chest that is near him, they also give out coins for danges, which in certain places can be traded for more powerful guns.

Also from the bosses fall pieces of cake. Pie - these are stats that are collected in sets of three, five and eight pieces. Depending on how many pieces are set, bonuses are given. More set - more bonuses. In general, the cake is a replacement for the standard armor from the helmet, socks, pants, sleeves and other things. As well as stats gives weapons and jewelry, under which there are five slots. All the rest is customization, affecting only the appearance of the player.

But the development of the Persian is not limited. This is still a MMORPG. Normal skill and skill leveling starts at level 15. After it, with the taking of each new level, the player gets one point, which you need to stick somewhere to develop yourself. The passage of levels in accordance with the Korean traditions is tied to the grind. Although there are many quests here, most of them are about the need to kill a large number of monsters. Unfortunately, there are very few original tasks, and most of them are in the plot of the game.

If well-armed, the usual quests pass fairly quickly. There were no long and tedious starters of elite monsters. Even faster tasks will be passed if sharpened. Sharpening occurs as follows: first, a special gas cutting scroll is used to make a hole in the knife or gun, and then a pebble is inserted into it, which increases the weapon characteristics.

Crafting also helps. You can craft jars, food, pieces of cake. And in general, there are no differences from other standard MMORPGs. It is not given all at once, but for a certain time.