Wizard101 - 3D multiplayer online role-playing game created by KingsIsle Entertainment. The player is a novice wizard. In order to defend the game world from various creatures, there is a card system of magic - battles take place in a step-by-step manner in the manner of "card board games." Players in the game, complete quests to learn new spells, purchase equipment, and get gold. The game has a rating of "10+" from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. The game is mainly focused on teens, a more mature player may seem very primitive.

In the beginning, the player is a beginner magician who learns magic in the School of Magic Arts in the world of Ravenwood, the school of magic is located in a fictional city called Wizard City. There you will choose one of the areas of study (Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death and Balance), your choice will influence the nature of development and a set of magic spells (in the form of collectible cards) available to the player in battle.

In Wizard101, locations called “Worlds” are available at the beginning of the game. After creating a character, only a part of the maps are available (The Commons, Ravenwood, Unicorn Way, Olde Town, Shopping District, Triton Avenue, Golem Tower, and the rest will be revealed as your character develops).

The game is available to your personal home in which you can customize the interior of the house. There are three types of houses: dormitories, apartments, palaces and luxurious castles. At the beginning, the player gets a modest dorm room, but upon reaching level 15, he can afford to buy a separate building. But not all locks can be bought for play gold, some only for crowns, and crowns are bought for real money. 

Let's go to the battles! The combat system in Wizards 101 is fascinating and it is implemented in a step-by-step style, which, by the way, will appeal to not all gamers. All fights are held at the so-called dueling places that can be found in any location of the world. As soon as you enter the battle, then you are transferred to the previously mentioned duels. Each turn, you and your opponents use different spell cards. The variety of cards in the online game Wizard 101 is a huge amount, and, if necessary, they can be combined. The advantage in the battle is not the player who scored a lot of cards, but the person who collected the best deck.

When you reach level 7 you will be available pet. The pet needs to be taught and fed with special food that can be bought in special stores. Your pet will be useful to you not only in the fight against mobs, but also on PvP, since they can replenish lives, increase armor, and so on. You can also win a pet from another player, or buy it.

The game Wizard101 implemented protection of small players in chat rooms and settings depend on how many years the player. If you evaluate the game as a whole, it is a success.