World of Warships

Familiarity with the game will delight gamers who are accustomed to playing online other MMO-action games produced by Wargames. The experienced "tankers" and "pilots" interface World of Warships will not cause any questions. Here we see already familiar modules, development branches, port and technical characteristics. But besides this, there was a place for innovations in the game. This is about the mechanics of pumping account - this was not the case in previous projects. To start your first sea battle, you must first choose a nation. In the original version of the game, the flotilla of the USA and Japan can be called the most realized. After all, these countries in the 20th century had at their disposal the richest selection of warships. However, in the near future, players will have the opportunity to become captains of Russian, German, British and French ships.

Having chosen the nation and the ship, it remains only to press the cherished button and go into battle. It will be easy enough to figure out where to move and what to do. In general, the mechanics of the game in many ways resemble previous projects Wargames. Well, those who participate in such battles for the first time should press the F1 button and find out all the available commands.

To hit the target and destroy the enemy ship will have to try. One hundred percent hit can be achieved by tracking the movement of the projectile through binoculars. At the same time, it is also necessary to manage to evade the torpedoes and shells of opponents, while avoiding the danger of running aground. Dynamic gameplay completely captures the attention and does not allow you to escape from the gameplay until the end of the battle. Not surprisingly, the game received many positive reviews just a few days after the official release date.

World of Warships
Wargaming experimented with the game modes for a long time: they added new ones, corrected the existing ones and let the unsuccessful ones under the knife. In the end, there were three: "Superiority", "Standard" and "Epicenter". For “Excellence” you need not only the skill of shooting marks, but also the ability to quickly move and control points on the map: victory depends on the number of points earned. Destroying enemy ships and capturing points, you bring your team points, for killing an ally you get a penalty. And getting on your own is easier than it seems: if you get carried away in a one-on-one battle with the enemy's cruiser and look solely at the sight, it is easy to miss a comrade hurrying to help and accidentally send him to the bottom.

“Standard” mode is similar to “Superiority”, but instead of neutral points your team has a base from the very beginning, which constantly brings points, and the capture of a similar center of the enemy guarantees an instant victory. “Epicenter” combines the features of “Superiority” and the old regime of “Aquatoria” (with the capture of one central point): here the emphasis is on aggressive play at middle and near distances. In the center of the map there are three control areas, one inside the other. The one who first swims into the largest circle, captures only her; but the one who gets to the inner, smallest control point, will receive all three areas at once.

World of WarshipsIn
WoWs, the conditional “rock-paper-scissors” rule works: due to the difference in speed, armament, security and disguise, some classes of ships better cope with others. Battleships work well against cruisers, cruisers skillfully drown destroyers, and they, in turn, prey on battleships. But aircraft carriers in capable hands are a danger to literally everyone: after two or three squadrons of torpedo bombers sent from such a ship, the smart destroyer and the fat battleship will go to the bottom. Therefore, the search and destruction of aircraft carriers - a priority at the beginning of the battle.

In less than three years, World of Warships has acquired a lot of small things and useful lotions, without which it is difficult to imagine its gameplay. It is hard to believe, but at the start there wasn’t even a voice chat in the game, and we only had to communicate with random party members with text! Over time, the developers added sound messages to the game - as well as changing weather conditions, Luthboxes for their experience, a new clan resource called “oil”, effective smoothing of MSAA, a training room for testing ships and much more. Special mention deserve camouflage with the heroes of the anime series Arpeggio of Blue Steel and the High School Fleet collection - unexpected funny additions to the harsh world of WoWs.

World of Warships
The developers have brought something new to the gameplay, so that you want to fight to the last. It would seem, what else can you think of? The experience of tank and air battles was taken into account, and now with a victory you get not only credits and experience. When you return to the Port, something else will be waiting for you, namely, signal flags or pennants. To get them, you need to perform a certain achievement in battle, for example - to destroy the enemy after the sinking of his ship. By the way, here it is quite real. In addition to decorating the mast, the flag will give an increase for one fight.

After the story about the key moments of the game, gameplay features and classes of ships, perhaps we need to answer the main question: for whom is World of Warships intended? Most likely, the project will find its players among fans of tactical games, lovers of naval history, residents of coastal cities and hopeless romantics who dreamed of becoming captains in childhood. In any case, to understand how much the sea battles will be interesting to you personally, you need to take part in them.

World of Warships
Now World of Warships is rightfully considered one of the best projects for lovers of sea battles: the game managed to get rid of most of the flaws for which we scolded it three years ago and put together a friendly user community.