Warframe Fortuna

In Warframe, you are an incredibly dexterous cybernindja who rushes along the walls, shreds newcomers with high-tech katanas and machetes and burns in all directions from fantasy bows and rifles. The cooperative action movie, which appeared on the PC last spring, entered the starting line-up of the fourth PS, and then, of course, the question arose: do you really need it there? It’s always fun to start in Warframe - but are there enough futuristic ninja dances for a long time?

All we know about the representatives of the people for whom we play Warframe is that they are skillful fighters and every single one uses warframes - super suits that improve physical skills and ensure completely inhuman agility. Run along the wall, gracefully jump onto the floor and slip into the half-closed sunroof with a cinema tackle into the semi-closed hatch — a common combination in general. Having mastered, you can perform tricks and more difficult, but this is only for the soul - the real use of advanced acrobatics is rarely.

To fight mainly in the PvE-missions for one or several people. There are about a dozen types of tasks, but most often we must run from point A to point B and back under various pretexts (steal data there or save a hostage).

There are sixteen models of warframes, and they differ in a set of abilities, on which the style of play depends. Amber gives access to the fiery skills of mass destruction, but sags on mobility. Necros allows you to use necromantic tricks: resurrect fallen enemies, terrify, and so on. And Rino is perfectly protected and gives you the opportunity to hurt the area, but it works only at close range.

Abilities consume energy, which is replenished mainly with the help of special items. They come across infrequently, so the skills of warframes are often cherished as they were protected by grenades in classic action films: energy is conserved to the last, and at the end of the mission you discover that the skill has not been used once for the entire mission.

Therefore, the main weapons remain futuristic katanas, axes, maces, and bizarre forms of rifles and pistols. Melee evokes Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: the enemy can literally be split in two, albeit not as famously as Raiden did. With a long-range weapon, everything is simpler, but it leaves a pleasant feeling: the shells beautifully cut through the air, the enemies' carcasses react vividly to the hits. And still the alien can be nailed to something with a shot from a bow, which in sci-fi fell in love already a long time ago.

Everything is bought in the in-game store, or knocked out of the bosses, although you will not blame the latter for excessive generosity. In both cases we receive not the weapon itself, the warframe and the combat pet, but only the drawing. To make the desired, you still need to gather up resources or buy a ready-made sample, bypassing the fuss with the drawings for real money. From cabinets, containers, and opponents, sometimes there are upgrade cards that can be installed on weapons, warframes and pet robots. Increments like "+ 5% to reload speed", "+ 10% to critical damage" are insignificant only at first, and if the card is improved, the bonus will turn out to be substantial. Ultimately, from some slow shotgun, you can fashion a rapid-fire cannon, and it also hurts with a shock.

The problem of Warframe as a cooperative game is that contact with the team here means almost nothing. The interaction between the players is minimal - you can only raise seriously wounded. For the passage in the team give exactly the same rewards as in the single player mode, and the opponents there almost do not grow stronger. The cooperative here is about the same sense as in party games: instead of intense teamwork, you get a fun “shoot where it shoots.”

Rally only leads to the fact that at first (and this “at first” will last a long time) to play alone is very difficult. Even if everything goes well, there is always a chance to die in a matter of seconds, catching, say, a shield strike from an alien FBI fighter and hitting because of this under crossfire. And when you fight in a team, there is always someone at your side who will immediately lift you to your feet. Because of this, there are almost no problems in a co-op.

Warframe has a single user nature. There is little sense in uniting with other players: teamwork is minimum and playing co-op is too easy. The clan system is the first step to solving a problem, but to get rid of the problem completely, you need to further develop the idea. It’s fun to run around with friends (after all, do you know a lot of multiplayer games with acrobatics and dismemberment?), But only for a while. What you will do next depends on whether you are ready to save resources for new warframes in days.