1) How do I become CGS seller?

Selling an items and game accounts on CGS requires an account. Register for a CGS account is quick and free. So when you're ready, simply click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the header to get started! Registration is extremely simple. After you register, you are free to begin listing items for sale. If your product is purchased, we will notify you by email. To list your items on CGS marketplace, you have to contact with our team via CONTACT form and provide all information about your products that you want to sell.

2) When your listing is sold!

We will notify you by email once your item has been purchased and guide you through each step to complete the transaction.

3) How do I get paid?

Payments from your sales will be deposited directly to your PayPal or other payment gateway that you will prefer. We can deposit money almost everywhere. Just note to us where you want your money withdraw. After one time verification this withdraw method will be connected to you CGS seller account.

4) What are the fees?

It is absolutely free to register as a seller on CGS. There are Transaction Fees for completed orders only. Transaction fees depends on the kind of withdraw method chosen.

5) When will I receive my payment?

The disbursement procession begins the moment an order is guaranteed successful. Normally it takes from 1-2 working days until you receive your payment (keep in mind that this is just an estimated time frame).

6) Money disbursement taking longer than usual

If your buyer says the product was not delivered, that you deliver another product entirely, or that you recovered for the product, your disbursement will be held until the issue is settled. To resolve this kind of issue amicably, we request that sellers should message to our support and reach a conclusion.

7) What if the buyer didn’t confirm delivery?

Following a complete delivery confirmation by a seller, buyers are expected to confirm delivery within 72 hours or file a compliant. In a case whereby the buyer did not confirm delivery within the stipulated time given, we will take it as the delivery has been completed and we will successfully close the order.

8) How does Clash Games Store protect sellers?

Our sellers are guaranteed 100% protection against payment fraud and chargebacks. In addition, our dispute resolution process will help you resolve any issues that you have with buyers.

9) Buyer login to the game account while boosting or top up service is in progress. What should I do?

Please take a screenshot as a proof and email it to us immediately so we may initiate an investigation on this matter.

10) Order Cancellation

Sellers are required to fulfill all orders once an order is placed. Failure to deliver the goods will lead to bad impression and to an extent, negative feedbacks from the buyers. Seller’s account will be terminated if this occurs often. Please contact our team or send us an email if you wish to cancel order.

11) Boosting service rules and descriptions

Sellers must comply with the following rules when creating listings. Failure to do so will result in listings removal and banning of CGS account. The type of boosting available is ACCOUNT SHARE only. Seller login to buyer's game account to fulfill advertised tasks. Procedure as follow:

- Buyer must logout from game account and is not allowed to login again until the order is completed. We will not be liable for any losses if buyer login to the game account while leveling is in progress.
- Seller will contact buyer through real-time translation chat for powerleveling arrangement.
- Seller will begin work after login to the account.
- Buyer will receive email notification once order is completed.
- Buyer is required to change the password upon completion of order.

CGS Seller Rules & Regulations

1) Seller is required to fulfill the delivery within the stipulated delivery time by using the delivery method selected by buyer. Sellers are advised to set a delivery time frame that they can commit and deliver, as advertised on their listing. Good practices and reliable sellers attracts the most customers.

2) Seller is required to capture screenshots (printscreen before and after trade).

3) Seller is not allowed to request for an order cancellation. Seller is required to provide obligatory compensation to the buyer if an order is canceled or delayed due to seller's negligence. Stock level must be accurate at all times. For an example, if the stock level is set to 1000 gold, you are expected to deliver 1000 gold to the buyer. Make sure you have the item in possession before creating the listing.

4) Seller is not allowed to provide offsite trade or personal offers in any way. Any sellers found doing so will have their CGS account permanently banned.

5) Seller is not allowed to create more than one CGS account and commit fraud by buying from their own sales listing. Any seller found doing so is subject to penalties or even permanent ban of account.