1) How to start buying from Clash Games Store?

You can browse or search CGS marketplace using our menu or search options. We have hundreds of new listings every day, so check frequently as good deals are sold quickly.

- Register for a CGS account is quick & free. We want to ensure you have the best possible buying experience, and a CGS account allows us to quickly help you with your order.

- Every listing should have clear information about the item. You can request for more details from our support team about the item by commenting on the listing directly or via contact form.

- Customer finds desire gaming asset on CGS then add it to the cart.

- In the checkout page, make sure all of the required information is supplied accurately and press Place Your Order. Once you found an item that you want to purchase, click the Buy button to checkout. Our CGS Guarantee ensures you get the item as described or your money back.

- After you’ve completed your purchase, you can go to your CGS Account to view, track and communicate with the Seller regarding the status of the shipment or transfer of your item.

- Once you have received your item and verified that everything is working, you’ll need to locate the purchased listing and rate it to complete the transaction.

2) Sign Up Account

Register an account at CGS is fast and easy. Click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right menu. You may either connect your social media pages profile to your account, or choose to enter your email address and password instead. Then click "Sign Up" to complete the registration.

3) For how long order delivery will take?

This will take roughly about 3-24 hours. The delivery time varies, each seller has a guaranteed delivery time provided on their offer. If the seller does not meet his/hers guaranteed delivery time you are able to request for a refund. If our Support Team needs further information from you, your order will be on hold until you give the information. Always check your email if you place any order.

4) When am I likely going to get my refund?

It can take 2-5 working days to complete a refund request. If the process takes longer feel free simply contact our support team via email.

5) I need to cancel my order. I want a refund.

Orders are only allowed to be cancelled IF the seller is yet to make the delivery.

6) What if my delivered item doesn’t match the description?

In a situation whereby a buyer get something different from what was paid for, the buyer should immediately lodge a compliant. Although, this is a rare situation but is mostly due to misunderstanding. In this ever happens, the seller and the buyer may work things out between each other. But if otherwise, and truly the seller delivered a different item from what was ordered, a refund will be issued.

7) How do I know if a seller is trustworthy?

Clash Games Store imposed strict rules and policies for our sellers to adhere to. You shouldn’t be worried about making purchases from our sellers. The payment will be protected by CGS Protect system until a transaction is complete.

8) I've made a payment but the order is still in pending.

While it is a rare occurance, sometimes it may take 15 minutes for payment gateway to clear the transaction. If this did not happen, contact us immediately with your order number and proof of payment so that our respective team can locate and verify the payment.

9) I'm having issue with my game account after delivery has been made.

Please send us an email immediately by attaching all evidence and screenshots, such as emails from the gamemaker, login screen, error messages etc. so we may launch an investigation. 

10) Store Credit

Store credit are stored value credits purchased at our marketplace. It is an alternative payment method to using credit cards when making purchases. With a readily available line of credit in your account in the form of store credit, purchases can be made quicker with minimal hassle.

11) Searching For Game assets

There are several ways you can search for a game.

- Use the search function.
- Shop by category.

Once you have selected a game, you have the option to toggle between game assets types - accounts, items, boosting, top up.

12) Placing Order

Before placing order, remember to disable the pop-up blocker of your web browser. Click on the "Buy" button after you have decided on the product to purchase. Fill in the the quantity you want to buy and select the delivery method. Carefully read all the important notes before you proceed to checkout. Select payment method and click "Pay Now". You will receive the order number after you have made the payment.

13) Order Status

- Pending. This means that either we have not received the payment, or the fund is pending for clearance at the payment gateway. It could also mean that the payment has been declined by your bank and you are advised to check with them for more information, since banks and credit card companies do not disclose the details to merchants, in their best interest to protect your privacy as their client. If you are using PayPal, the payment may be pending for eCheck clearance or PayPal's Payment Review. Please contact us if payment has been made but the status still remains at pending.

- Payment accepted. The order is pending for delivery by the seller AND confirmation of receipt from you. If you did not confirm the delivery upon receipt of your order, the order will be completed by the system within 72 hours.

- Delivered. The order has been successfully delivered.

- Canceled. The order has been canceled by you, or by the system if there is no payment received.

- On Hold. This means there is a payment dispute with your order, which may occur in the case of a fraudulent or unauthorised payment made on an order under your account.

14) Order Tracking And Delivery

Track your order by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top menu and select "ORDERS". Click on the order number to check on the order status. Seller may sometimes make partial delivery if it is a large quantity order. You may confirm receipt once the delivery has been made. For account purchases, you may retrieve the account information by clicking on "Order Details"

15) Order Cancellation And Refund

You are only able to cancel order which has not been delivered. You may click on the "Cancel order" button from your order page. Partial refund will be made for remaining amount of undelivered order. Refund to store credit will take within 12 hours. Refund to payment gateway typically takes up to 14 working days, depending on payment processor.

16) Types of Alternate Payment Options

If you want to make an order and pay with not listed payment method, just contact with our support team and we will be glad to help you. We are able to accept almost all Alternate Payment Types.

17) The Risk of Account Trading

Unless game account trading is officially sanctioned by the game account publishers and game developers, kindly be informed that account trading is against the End User License Agreement (EULA) of most mobile titles, and therefore carries with it a certain risk. Additionally, buyers should be fully aware that sometimes game accounts do not have a 100% match up to the sale offer description, game account passwords may be entered incorrectly, and on rare occasions game account reclamation may occur.

With this in mind, CGS strongly recommends that you wait at least 12 hours before logging into your new game account in order to allow for an "IP cool down". This can be especially helpful if your location is a significant distance away from that of the original owner's place of residence. After the 12 hours has passed, immediately log into the account and verify that the game account matches the sale offer description and that you have full access to and control over your newly purchased account. If there is a problem, you are not advised to contact GM and should always seek direct assistance  contact us via CONTACT form.

18) Boosting service rules and descriptions

Sellers must comply with the following rules when creating listings. Failure to do so will result in listings removal and banning of CGS account. The type of boosting available is ACCOUNT SHARE. Seller login to buyer's game account to fulfill advertised tasks. Procedure as follow:

- Buyer must logout from game account and is not allowed to login again until the order is completed. We will not be liable for any losses if buyer login to the game account while leveling is in progress.
- Seller will contact buyer through real-time translation chat for powerleveling arrangement.
- Seller will begin work after login to the account.
- Buyer will receive email notification once order is completed.
- Buyer is required to change the password upon completion of order.